Salary Survey for CSC

Salary Survey For Call Center Positions
Parker County/Weatherford, TX:
November 23, 2004
Position Low Wage/Hr High Wage/Hr
Reservation Sales $9.80 $16.34
Customer Service Agent $9.97 $14.36
Customer Service Representative $9.40 $14.81
Documentation Clerk $10.58 $15.50
Production Coordinator $11.22 $19.59
Group Sales Agent $8.19 $20.97
Group Sales Coordinator (If a clerical support position to the Agents) $7.70 $12.59
Coordinator Position (I.E. Supervisory or management over the "Sales Agents") $22.78 $45.29
Accounting Clerk $10.48 $16.12

North Central Texas Workforce, Moneisa Downs, Center Manager, Weatherford, TX, "Career Info Net", Bureau of Labor Statistics, TWC

LMI, (labor marker information) 2002 data, Fort Worth, Arlington area.
Data as of May 2005.

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